After the disappointing disappearance of Showbox. The widely used movie streaming app. Terrarium became the next best alternative. Terrarium also went out of service pretty soon. The reason why Terrarium gained popularity was that it was never proven to be illegal. The biggest fault of terrarium was that it didn’t care to check it’s resources. It didn’t care from where it got the links from. It only cared about supplying them. IP didn’t see this to be safe and called it fraud. This shows that the viewers might have indulged in rip off content. When terrarium was shutting down. It wasn’t much difficult to predict the reasons for doing so. Later onwards, the site managers kept on notifying users to stop using this service. They feared that the authorities were tracking them. This was, in fact, the truth and to save themselves. The users had to uninstall it although unwillingly.


Terrarium had plenty of reasons behind going obsolete. Terrarium wasn’t available on Google play stores or other devices. Therefore, technically using this isn’t legal and looked down upon. Hence, the app which is not present in our play store isn’t protected. It is questionable and the officials might poke their nose in. Terrarium had a lot of problems and all hell broke looseone day. When the creator announced that he is shutting it down. For the terrarium viewers, IP was being tracked. From terrarium, viewers shifted other apps like cyberflix, Morpheus TV and others.


The next best alternative of terrarium was Cyberflix to name one of the many. Cyberflix had more to offer since it could be supported on a number of devices. With time, we see a steadfast growth in this field. Cyberflix is an upgraded version of the terrarium. It has both better security and content.


We use them because it isn’t possible all of us to afford a monthly subscription. If we are getting something for free. Why are we going to pay for such facilities? We get easy access to our favoriteTV shows. With high picture quality and add a free environment. Hence, these apps are highly rated and popular.


The main thing is that free online streaming of movies doesn’t particularly belong anywhere. The app might just stop working due to security reasons. Hence, these are not stable. They are not found inthe play store which is the main reason for concern. Using encryption like VPN isn’t particularly safe either. If piracy is noticed then you can get into major trouble. This has formed a kind of guilty pleasure.