The Exciting Truth about Why Bakers’ Bake

 Baking is all about making scrumptious baked goodies that’s different to what many people might have thought. However, if that’s the case, then most individuals these days will be eaters and not bakers. Baking for business reasons, perhaps? Maybe, but not entirely correct. For most bakers out there, it’s all about the passion for baking! Some bakers don’t even get the chance to taste their creations. Even though they’ve gone through tedious research, visiting websites providing desirable baking recipes like, they don’t get to experience what they’ve baked. All they get is the appreciation from people who have consumed their baked goods. Even when they don’t get much recognition, it’s okay for them as long as they can bake.

Now, isn’t it weird to bake without even tasting your masterpiece? Weird maybe; but not a problem! As said, baking is all about emotion; it’s about the passion.

Emotional Side of Baking


Some people, especially non-bakers can’t understand the true reason behind baking. How do bakers go day-by-day without ending up eating all their food?If you’re on the same page with these people, then let us put an end to your inquiry by reading the information below:

Baking Evokes Great Memories

What’s effect does a freshly baked Choco-peanut butter cookie have to you? Let’s make it common; how about the pleasant smell of a chocolate cake? Well, for many passionate bakers, it brings them back to beautiful childhood memories. Baked goods don’t only produce a pleasant scent, but it can also unleash fun events of the past. This was even scientifically proven by Alan Hirsch, M.D., a Neurological Director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, who concluded in one of his studies that baked goods are the primary nostalgia-triggering scent for childhood.

Baking is a Work of Art

If a painter has the paintbrush, paint, and the painting canvas, the baker has the ingredients, an oven, and baking equipment. Like a painter who pours out all his emotions to make a beautiful painting, a baker also has to use his passion to create a chef-d’oeuvre baked food. Did you know that most bakers would look online for baking recipes also made available on and other excellent baking websites? It’s not that those recipes aren’t great, but they need to satisfy their artistic passion in baking.

Baking is an Overt Sharing Character


Baking is one way for bakers to show their attitude of sharing. Typically, people don’t have to download recipes from resources like and bake to satisfy their cravings for baked goods. More often than not, they bake to share with their friends and family members. Seeing the people satisfied with the goods they baked would be like diving into fresh cool blue waters after long hours of working in the sun. Priceless indeed!

Take Baking By Heart

Sumptuous baked food is great. But for real bakers, creating tasty baked goods isn’t the only reason why they bake. Count in the pleasant feeling of the unleashed memories, the expression of emotion through the art of baking, and the priceless effects of sharing – all of these points out to the real essence of baking which is spelled as P-A-S-S-I-O-N!